Customer Relationship Management (eCRM)

To increase customer satisfaction rating, organizations have to constantly adopt new and innovative solutions. The eCRM Management application is a software solution used specifically for customer care and is aimed at enhancing the overall satisfaction index of your customers. Customers are managed with all activities such as meetings, visits & communications made being monitored closely. The purpose of this module is for good Customer retention capability and to provide a strong platform to source for new potentials.

The eCRM Management solution covers the following functionalities:

    • Contact Management
    • Direct Mailing
    • Campaign Management
    • Loyalty Management
    • Customer Analysis

Contact Management
The Contact Management system is a centralized repository of all contact details that enable users to store and find contact information such as names, addresses, contact numbers, email addresses. The Contact Management system module provides the following benefits:

    • Centralized repository of contact information
    • Ready to use database with advance searching capability
    • Relationships between a particular contact to one or more contacts
    • Document Attachments
    • User-Definable Customizable fields
    • Direct Mailing integration
    • Campaign Management Integration

Direct Mailing

Selecting invitees and preparing mailing list can be a tedious task. This option is designed to facilitate the selection of invitees and the preparation of mails. It allows you to define selection criteria dynamically and to fit and match each customer records from a central database. A form letter can be sent to all invitees or you may choose to match and send customized letters based on specific invitee particulars through simple mail merge commands.


Campaign Management

Have you ever wondered how you could plan and manage campaigns? This option allows you to plan and schedule campaigns and all its associated tasks. You can assign personnels and monitor the progress of each task. Besides this, it allows you to define the selection criteria dynamically and to fit and match customer records from a central database to generate the Target Audience List. From there, you are able to update attendance records if required.



Loyalty Management

The Loyalty Management Module provides the capability to identify Property Buyers who are not a member yet and to transform them to become a member when they meet the necessary conditions. It also manages existing members, tracks issuance of membership cards, tracks rewards/entitlements that are conferred, highlights and process existing members that are due for status upgrades or downgrades, and tracks membership card transfers.

Customer Analysis

The eCRM Management Solution offers comprehensive reporting and analysis that lets you to quickly access historical and interactive data and gain deep insights into your business. Some analysis reports that are provided includes:

    • Top Revenue Contributors
    • Customer Age Analysis
    • Customer Race Analysis
    • Customer Location Analysis
    • Customer Gender Analysis