Property Management Solution (ePMS)

eSynergy’s Property Management Solution (ePMS) is specially developed for Property Managers to manage the maintenance and management work of properties. Users are able to monitor closely details of its owners and units occupied. System also enables the administration of all its residents and tenants for properties that are being occupied or rented out. When used with eSynergy’s Property Sales solution, all relevant information of purchasers and properties are electronically transferred accurately without any manual data entry. The system allows you to create easily any standing or fixed charges incurred, with user definable rates or a fixed sum. Frequency of all billings can be determined by the users and generated by a daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly manner. Outstanding payments will be monitored promptly against billings and interest will be charged for any late payment. In short, the ePMS is a foundation for you to best manage your Property management operation.

Features of the Solution:


    • Multi Projects / Multi Buildings Capability
    • Project Setup
    • Unit Creation & Maintenance
    • Rate Maintenance


    • Manages Owners
    • Manages Residents
    • User definable charges
    • User definable rate charges


    • Support Meter reading
    • Supports meter types & rates
    • Tracks usage charges
    • Computes billing charges


    • Generates Billings charges
    • Weekly/quarterly/yearly Billings
    • Adjustments/Refunds
    • Payment Reminders
    • Late Payment Interest
    • Tracks payment