Property Sales (eProperty)

The eSynergy Property Sales component has complete functionalities for Property Developers to best manage the day to day business operation. The system manages pre-Sales, Sales Administration and post-Sales activities. Good features are made readily available to empower the users to perform their daily work efficiently. We have specialized modules that helps manage & acquire new Customers, improve Customer satisfaction, Customer retention and offer good Customer service which is an important factor in the ever challenging market condition today. Billings are well organized and generated timely and accurately. Controls are imposed to monitor timely collection of all outstanding payments. The System conforms to industry standards and guidelines and is GST ready. Users are able to acquire additional module(s) with ease as and when required. Being a fully Web Based Solution you are able to enjoy all the benefits of information sharing & real time updates .You are able to perform Project launches & Sales at different locations at the same time without any worries of double sales or duplicated entry. The System runs on an automated approval engine (Workflow) where Management & staffs are able to access Real-Time Management information & perform approval process with ease. In summary the eProperty Sales component ensures that your business is managed efficiently.

Some available features in the Solution:


    • Multi Project Capability
    • Project Setup
    • Unit Creation & Maintenance
    • Pricing Management
    • Project Launch Management


    • Multi Project Capability
    • Prospect Management
    • Solicitor Management with units Allocation
    • Sales Management
    • Car Park/Package Sales
    • Sales Cancellations


    • Architect Certifications
    • Progress / Misc. Billings
    • Adjustments/Refunds
    • Payment Reminders
    • Late Payment Interest
    • Area Variance


    • Key collection /Handover/ Vacant Possession
    • Sub-Sales Tracking
    • Refinancing
    • Stakeholder Processing
    • Defects Management
    • Sales Task Checklist
    • Account Management


    • Redemption processing


    • Loans Tracking / Applications
    • Loans Approvals
    • Double Loan
    • Loan Task Checklist
    • Financier Payment